A lot of things happened in the past few days for Oasis and the ecosystem around it. We decided to write about the the most important news so you can catch up on what’s going on. Let’s go!

Oasis Protocol

Oasis Labs
  • $USDC, $USDT, $WBTC, $DAI and $ETH from Ethereum
  • $BUSD and $BNB from Binance Smart Chain
  • 💰 CoinMarketCap allows you to win up to 180k$ if you can prove that you know Oasis Network well. Give it a shot!

dApps on Oasis Network

  • Fountain Protocol, a lending protocol powered by Oasis, was announced.
  • 📕 Oasis Name Service, the first name service on Oasis is being developed. It will allow users to have readable domain instead of the long wallet, “mywallet.osn” instead of “0xf398…”
  • 🦎 Lizard Exchange was launched, bringing a new DEX in the ecosystem.

NFT Projects

A lot of new NFT projects are being developed on Oasis, don’t forget that you can keep track of them in our “Projects List” and don’t miss any drop with our “NFT Drops List”.


  • 👨🏼‍💼 “Jobs List” was added to allow our visitors to find their next challenge in the Oasis ecosystem. And also, allows entrepreneurs to find the missing talent to make his project real.
  • 👄 Communities List” was added where our visitors can find and add any Oasis related community based on various social medias.
  • 🎁 5 giveaways were organized in less than two weeks in collaboration with various projects. And it’s just the beginning!

As you can see, Oasis Network is in fire and so is OasisWatcher 🔥 Stay tuned for more news related to Oasis and to be up to date with all new stuff coming in!