Today we’ll be introducing a new project in the Oasis ecosystem, an innovative P2E game, let’s welcome together The Garlies! In a few words, it’s a P2E inspired by role-playing games and Choose Your Own Story gamebooks.

🎨 What are the Garlies?
The Garlies NFTs consist of 10,000 genesis unique characters called The Garlies. Garlies are adventurers, who complete quests around the world to earn loot (other NFTs).

🧱 How it works?
The world in which the Garlies evolve is similar to the 15thβ€”16th centuries, the Age of Discovery. The gameplay is split into two parts.

  • The first one is The Garlies management, which takes place on the world map. Players can move their Garlie from town to town and choose the most appropriate quests for their level.
  • Once you’ve started the appropriate quest, the Quest Gameplay will begin.

The quests mechanics are similar to gamebooks. Your Garlie is in a situation and has several options to pick from. The quest changes and evolves according to their choices.

The decision tree

During your quests, you earn loots, which are also NFTs. Players will then be able to decide whether they want to use those loots in-game or sell them in the marketplace for cryptocurrencies.

There are different types of quests (exploration, combat, treasure hunting, …) and each quest has a rarity level. The loot you get will depend on the rarity of the quest.


πŸ’‘ Go further

To learn more about The Garlies and their game mechanics, we invite you to read their whitepaper and visit their social medias profiles and their website.

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