For the past few weeks, the Oasis Network is like a agitated anthill, almost every day there are new projects being launched or announced. Ton of talented developers, designers and economists across the globe are working together to bring us exciting projects!

So, I though it could be nice to write, time to time, about a specific “under development” project and put it under spotlight so you guys could go check it out. Today we’ll briefly explain what is Mirage and what they are planning to do.

Mirage Labs

Mirage‘s goal is to build an ecosystem within the Oasis Network providing various kind of products such as NFTs, marketplace and much more. All this ecosystem will be spinning around their utility token, $MRG (Mirage Token) which is already available on GemKeeper.

More than that, Mirage is also working on Mirage Development Fund. The goal is to back people’s ideas and help them build their own products on the Mirage ecosystem. To do that, Mirage will distribute appropriate funds to the builders to push them forward, all this mechanism will be based on community votes.

That’s sure looks promising and we’re excited to see what will be the result! So what can you do next to get involved further in this project? Easy, follow those steps: