Staking has a lot of benefits, one of them being the rewards you get. So basically you can earn more $ROSE by staking your existing $ROSE, sounds tempting?

In collaboration with Everstake, one of the validator of Oasis Network, we’re offering guides explaining how to stake your $ROSE in Oasis Network and earn more $ROSE.

Those guides are available in several languages to reach every member of Oasis community.

How to stake ROSE (Oasis Network) via official Oasis Wallets
Como hacer staking de ROSE (Oasis Network) a través de los monederos oficiales de Oasis Wallets
Как застейкать ROSE (Oasis Network) через официальные кошельки Oasis
如何通过官方 Oasis 钱包(Web端和浏览器扩展程序)质押ROSE(Oasis Network)
Cara staking ROSE (Oasis Network) melalui dompet resmi Oasis (Web dan Ekstensi Browser)
How to stake ROSE (Oasis Network) in the Bitpie mobile wallet: a detailed guide