RIMSwap is one of the first automated market-making (AMM), decentralized exchange (DEX) built on the Oasis Emerald Network.

Supporting an array of services and features, it will allow you to:

  • swap crypto assets
  • earn passive income from staking and yield farming
  • NFT
  • and even launch your own crypto projects on the Oasis Emerald Network.

It’s a one stop DeFi hub on the Oasis network. RIMSwap contracts are audited by one of the most reputable and trusted auditors, Paladin Blockchain Security.


RIMSwap’s products and features are curated with beginners and experienced users in mind. The goal is to provide users with a suite of tools that cover all of their needs directly on the platform.

πŸ” Token Swap (DEX):

The main product enables trustless trading on the Oasis Emerald network. Swap supported tokens at fast speeds, with low fees, and directly from your wallet.

As an automated market-making (AMM), facilitating decentralized exchanges or swaps of various coin pairs is at the core of what RIMSwap does!

When you make a token swap (trade) on the exchange, you will pay a 0.25% trading fee, which is broken down as follows:

  • πŸ’Έ 0.17% returned to liquidity pools in the form of a fee reward for liquidity providers.
  • πŸ’° 0.08% sent to the RIMSwap treasury.

⚑️ Liquidity Pool:

Provided that there is sufficient liquidity for certain tokens, users are able to swap tokens. However, a lack of liquidity for the tokens you want to swap might make the operation hard, costly, or even impossible.

Users who provide liquidity to the liquidity pools will be granted RIMSwap-LP tokens. Users are incentivized through the fees generated as a result of trading on the platform. In this way, the existence of liquidity for the DEX is guaranteed to a certain extent.

🚜 Yield Farming:

RIMSwap yield farms allows users to earn $RIM while supporting RIMSwap by staking LP tokens. As users add liquidity to the platform, they earn LP Tokens. Staking the LP Tokens will in turn lead to harvesting $RIM as the reward.

Using the farms on RIMSwap is an amazing opportunity to earn RIM. In “Farm”, you have to provide the RIMSwap-LP tokens received by staking a pair of tokens in the liquidity pools. This way, users are able to earn RIM without the need to disrupt their other positions.

🟣 IFO (Initial Farm Offering):

RIMSwap’s IFO launchpad is set to become one of the first Initial DEX Offering (IFO) platform on the Oasis Emerald network. Our Launchpad will empower new projects on the Oasis Emerald network with the ability to distribute tokens and raise liquidity in a decentralized approach.

Oasis Emerald Network Projects: Partner with us to launch your project on Oasis Emerald. Access to funding from our existing community and more.

↗️ Oasis Gorillas NFT by RIMSwap:

Non-Fungible Tokens, or NFTs, are embedded with exciting new properties; they’re unique, provably scarce, tradeable, and usable across multiple applications. RIMSwap wants to harvest the ingenuity and innovation of Oasis Emerald’s community toward NFTs.

OasisGorillas is the first NFT collation of gorillas on the Oasis Network and it’s developed by the team of RIMSwap decentralized exchange, consisting of 10,000 unique collectible Bullish Gorillas and features over 50 unique attributes.

OasisGorillas NFT is a part of the RIMSwap DEX ecosystem. So, every week OasisGorillas holders will get a free airdrop of $RIM tokens. $RIM token is the native token of RIMSwap DEX. Every week, 30% of the AMA trading fees will be distributed to OasisGorilla NFT holders.

To learn more about Oasis Gorillas NFT, click here.

πŸ”Ž Learn more about RIMSwap:

You can read more about RIMSwap and the project here.

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