Today we would like to present you Rosart, a new project being developed on Oasis Network. Rosart will be the first Oasis native marketplace available out there. Let’s see who is behind this project, what are their plans and what can we expect in the near future from them.

Who is behind Rosart and what do they offer?

Rosart is being developed by a team of seven persons, each one with his own background. Some of them are developers, designers, entrepreneurs or collectors. But they all do share one thing: the passion for NFT and the interest for Oasis Network.

Rosart aims to be a community oriented marketplace with some new features that we don’t have yet on a EVM blockchain. More than that, they plan to provides tools, documentation and support for the creators who want to deploy their own NFT projects on Oasis.

Oasis Network was chosen for both its technical and community related advantages. The low fees and privacy aspect of the Oasis Network are obviously very attractive. And cherry on the top, Oasis’s community is one of the most active and energetic out there.

The specificity of this marketplace is to combine the advantages of a open marketplace and of a selective one. To achieve that, Rosart will split the collections in two different markets, the open ones and the verified ones.

What’s next?

The project is still under development but the team is working hard. They are incubated by MetalMindLabs accelerator program (backed by Oasis Foundation). Rosart is one of the 15 projects selected, from a total of ~200 submissions.

The team plans to release a first MVP with some basic features such as listing a collection, buy and sell functions i.e. And from there, launch the secondary market around mid-March. After that, we should have a more detailed roadmap which will be influenced by the community’s remarks and feedback.

Support the project

If you want to support the project and get the latest updates, don’t hesitate to check Rosart’s social links and visit OasisWatcher time to time. We’ll keep an eye on this for you 👀