A few days ago we wrote about Oasis Mirage, a ambitious project developed on Oasis Network, willing to create a whole ecosystem of products. Well, our friends from Mirage are hard workers that’s for sure. In a couple of days a lot of things have been done:

What is Genesis Cactus and what does it do?

Genesis Cactus are a collection of 333 NFTs representing, as you may have guessed, the harsh climate of desert, where our dear cactus friends lives. A lot of hand-drawn art such as astronauts, scientists, ninjas and much more are included. The good thing about those Cactuses is not just their art and originality, they also have an utility in the Mirage ecosystem:

  • Genesis Cactus holders will be eligible for WL in other NFT projects developed under Mirage ecosystem.
  • And much more to come with time.

Also upcoming, Mirage Rarity Tool for all Oasis projects. All Oasis NFT projects can use this rarity tool for their respective NFT. Few projects along with Cactus will be added to Mirage Rarity Tool as token of good will to the Oasis ecosystem.

How to get a 🌵 Cactus ?

Genesis Cactus mint will be divided in two groups: the whitelist mint and the public mint. Let’s see how that will be organized:

💰 For $MRG token holders:

  • Every $MRG token holder owning 150 million tokens is auto-whitelisted.
  • Maximum 10 Genesis Cactus 🌵 per WL address.
  • Buy $MRG on GemKeeper.
  • Mint cost: 333 $ROSE.


  • Top 5 LP providers will receive 1 Cactuses in their wallet.
  • LP providers are also part of WL addresses and can mint 1 more NFT.
  • Minimum LP requirement: 2 500 $ROSE worth of LP.
  • Mint cost: 0 $ROSE.

👨‍👩‍👦‍👦 PUBLIC MINT:

  • Remaining mint will be for the public.
  • Limit per transaction: 30.
  • Mint cost: 420 $ROSE.

The mint date is still TBA so stay tuned! If you’d like to get whitlisted, it’s still possible. Just make sure that you’re following Oasis Mirage on Twitter and join their Discord server. You’ll be able to win a WL spot or maybe even a NFT so don’t miss that!