OasisWatcher already provides the “Projects List” where all projects (NFT, DEX, DAO…) built on Oasis are listed with the necessary information for the visitor to do his own research and discover new works on Oasis. We keep this list updated with daily check-ups and with the help of the community and their submissions.

But we wanted to go further and offer something more to all Oasis enthusiasts. Therefore, we created another listing with data directly grabbed from the Emerald blockchain explorer. This table provides all existing tokens and the date of their detection by the grabber.

It allows to see all newly created tokens on the blockchain. The table is updated automatically every four hours and provides almost real-time information. Here some points to remember:

  • The table has a “Date” column and is sorted based on this column. The date there is the date of the creation of the token on the blockchain.
  • All tokens with the word “test” in their names are hidden for obvious reasons.
  • The “Type” column allows to directly see if it’s a token (ERC-20) or an NFT (ERC-721).
  • The content is raw data and need to be used with precaution, we didn’t checked those tokens for being legitimate projects or not.

Tokens created during the current day are visible, first by the date and second by the red font color and the 📍 near the date, so you won’t miss any new stuff.

To access the table, click the button below or go to “Real-time Tokens List” in the top menu.