This is a frequently asked question by ROSE holders, how to transfer their $ROSE from their MetaMask Wallet back to their official Oasis Wallet. There are a couple of reasons why you’d like to do that, maybe for staking or sending you $ROSE back to an exchange etc.

No worries, we’ll explain it to you, it can be done in a few easy steps, let’s go:

1. In your MetaMask, select the account you’d like to export, where your $ROSE are:

2. On the selected account, go to “Account details” by clicking to the three dots at the top right corner.

3. On the next screen, click “Export Private Key.

4. Type your MetaMask password and click “Confirm“.

5. Your private key will be reveled, copy to the clipboard and click “Done“.

Now that you have your private key, you’re done with MetaMask, now you just have to import this wallet to your Oasis Wallet, let’s continue.

6. On your Oasis Wallet, click to the icon/avatar at the top right corner.

7. At the next screen, click “Import“.

8. Then you have three choice, select “Ethereum-compatible Private Key“.

9. Give your account a name, it’s on you.

10. Paste there the private key you copied on the step 5 and click “Confirm“.

You just imported your MetaMask Wallet to your Oasis Wallet, well done! Now you just have to transfer the $ROSE, just a few small steps left.

11. After adding the wallet, make sure that you select your Oasis Wallet in the list by clicking on it, you’ll se a green V when it’s selected. And after that, go back to the main screen by clicking the arrow at the top left corner.

12. Copy your Oasis address by clicking on it.

13. Go back to the wallet selection menu by clicking the icon at the top right corner.

14. Select your Ethereum-compatible Account by clicking on it. And then go back by clicking the arrow at the top left corner.

15. Go to “ParaTimes” tab at the bottom.

16. On the next screen, click to “To Consensus“.

17. Here, write the amount of $ROSE you want to transfer, your Oasis address you copied at the step 12 and click “Next“.

18. Then you just have to confirm the transaction by clicking to “Confirm”, that’s it!

Congratulations, you have done it! It’s a quit long procedure when doing the first time but it’s really nothing complicated. And once your MetaMask Wallet imported, you don’t have to go trough these steps afterwards, so it will be quicker the second time.